Having a timber deck for your house in Melbourne is a great way to make your home more beautiful. Not only that, but it increases the value of your house as well, should you decide to sell your property. In fact, you can get as much as a 70% cost recoup if you sell your decked home.

But as your deck is always exposed to the elements, it may experience damage over time. Not to worry, though, as you can DIY some aspects of deck maintenance. Here are three of them.

timber deck in springvale

Re-stain to remove discolouration

The most vulnerable part of your timber decking is the surface. Often, the timber would have a top layer of stain to protect it from damage. If the stain wastes away, the deck’s colour would begin to fade away.

To fix this problem, you can re-stain the deck yourself. This involves stripping away all traces of the previous colour and adding a new stain. You need to wash the deck first before painting it with a new layer of colour. 

For best results, make sure that the new stain has adequate UV protection. That way, your timber deck won’t discolour as easily under sunlight.

Power-wash to remove slippery parts

Eventually, algae and other gunk may deposit themselves onto the surface of your deck. These buggers will make your deck really slippery, and you could end up tripping yourself. 

To avoid this, regularly power-wash your deck. This should remove algae and anything clinging to the surface. Just remember to avoid using very high pressures in your power washer to avoid damaging the timber.

timber deck springvale

Fill and seal small cracks

As time goes by, some segments of your timber decking will start to show cracks. This is not technically damage; it’s just a normal sign of the wood ageing. 

Once you notice any small cracks less than 15 centimetres long, you can easily patch them. Use wood latex filler to fill the cracks, then finish the deck with sealant. 

If the cracks are longer, the boards may need replacement. Pry open the cracked boards and check the undersides for damage. If you see any damage, then you have to replace the boards. If not, you can reattach them to the joists with deck screws.

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