A timber deck is always a beautiful addition to any house in Melbourne. It’s a way for you to enjoy the great outdoors without actually going away. You can connect with nature from the comfort of home, which is especially nice when the city is under a COVID lockdown.

Since a deck is situated outside the house, it’s always exposed to the sun. That isn’t really a bad thing until you notice the wood turning grey. That’s a sign that the sun’s harsh UV are damaging the wood.

protect your deck

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

UV light can destroy your deck slowly and steadily. You may not notice it until the damage has been done. If that happens, you might have to face a costly repair.

Thus, to keep your deck in its best condition, follow these tips to protect it from UV damage.


Use non-pressurised methods to clean your deck

Power washing is a convenient way to clean out your deck. But the intense water pressure can produce cracks and splinters in the wood. Too many cracks will weaken the structure of the wood, making it more vulnerable to UV damage.

Instead, try using more gentle methods to wash your deck. A regular garden hose would do just fine.


Coat the deck with a UV-protective stain

Normally, deck sealants and stains only provide protection from moisture. That would prevent wood rot, but it doesn’t protect against UV damage.

But there are some stains that also provide UV resistance. Here are a few of them:

  •   Transparent stains: These stains offer a good level of protection against UV rays. Aside from that, they also keep water, mould, and mildew away from your deck. Also, they help maintain the colour of the timber. Best of all, transparent stains are not costly.
  •   Semi-transparent stains: These stains are less transparent, which means not a lot of light will penetrate them. Thus, they provide better UV protection. They also confer the same water-repellent and mould-resistant qualities to your deck. These stains also retain colour a lot better.
  •   Solid stains. These stains are opaque, so they completely shield the timber from all UV light. They also have the best protection against moisture, mould, and mildew. But these stains are the most expensive.


Keeping a well-maintained deck is crucial in making it last. If you follow these tips, the timber on your deck will be in great shape for years to come.

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