After a family has lived in a home for five years or more, the furniture, walls, floors and other areas may be damaged or worn out. A home renovation is recommended to give it a fresh new look or make it appear brand new. However, for most families, home renovation is both time consuming and expensive. Hence home owners are always interested in getting useful home renovation tips which will help them save time, money and prevent problems at a future date. These tips are particularly useful for those who are renovating their homes for the first time.

1. Find The Right tradespeople

One of the most important factors for a home renovation is finding the right tradespeople like plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter for doing the work. One of the best ways to find the right tradespeople is by asking the suppliers to recommend the best tradespeople who they know for a particular trade. Often the best tradespeople will not be the cheapest, however the quality of their work will usually be better. They will also be more professional and efficient. 

2. Source The Materials Near Your Location

Another way a homeowner can reduce the cost and time for renovation is by sourcing all the material and keeping it in stock for the renovation. If the tradespeople are sourcing the material, they will have to spend time and make the effort of finding a suitable supplier, which will usually add to the cost. For example, if you are a homeowner from Springvale who requires the cheapest timber flooring for home renovation, you should search for a supplier of wood timber within Springvale. If you are in Bando Road, Westall timber is the top rated timber flooring supplier in Springvale, offering quality flooring at the lowest price.

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3. Detailed planning

During renovation, a large number of products are required in different quantities. Before starting the work, it is necessary to plan the type, size and quantity of the materials which are required, before procuring them. As a homeowner, you should ask your builder to make you a copy of a comprehensive list of flooring, taps, tiles, sinks, bathroom fitting, pipes, painting, cupboards, furniture, hardware, doors, windows, and other items which are necessary for renovation. The builder should also make a list with details of where each item will be installed, the layout preferred, and connection details. 

4. Effect of lighting

It is also advisable to consider the lighting in the various rooms of the house, so that the windows are chosen accordingly and the right colors of wall paint, decor items selected. If you wish to use natural lighting, larger windows should be installed. The natural lighting will often affect the colour at different times of day. 

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5. House flooring

It is also important to consider the house age, before planning a renovation. In older houses, almost everything has to be changed, and this can make renovation more expensive than building a new house. Floor levelling will also have to be done for older houses.

If you are on a budget then floor renovation might seem expensive, and if you cannot find a flooring installation under your budget, you can check out our range our wood floorings that will suit your needs. 

The key to renovating your house beautifully and within your budget is to devise a goal for yourself, and have a step-by-step plan so you can renovate each part of your house without running out of budget. 

If you are thinking about renovating your home and you don’t know where to begin and what products or building supplies to buy and tradespeople to hire, you can get a free quote from us here at Westall Timber.

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