3 Affordable DIY Projects in Springvale This Summer That You Can Start For Your Home.
Home improvement doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. You can beautify your home – inside and outside – with affordable materials and without having to hire people to do the work.

DIY improvement projects in Springvale can be the most fulfilling things to do for your home. If you’re comfortable getting your hands dirty, and you’re keen on working with a few tools, here are three affordable ways you can spice up your home all by yourself.

Create an outdoor garden

A great way to beautify your home is by putting plants around it. The area outside your house is an excellent place to start, as it makes the environment a lot more inviting and relaxing.

There’s more than one way to create a garden outdoors. If you have a nice vacant spot outside your home, you can opt for a dug-in garden. Take a shovel, dig, and plant away. You can plant flowers, veggies, herbs, and eye-catching ornamentals. No pots are needed.

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On the other hand, if you don’t have any fertile ground outside your home, you can opt for potted plants instead. Clay pots are common, but you can also use inexpensive plastic or terracotta pots. 

If neither digging nor potted plants appeal to you, you can make a raised garden bed using wooden sleepers. This will also work if you don’t have any spare ground in your yard. The garden bed will provide the space for the soil and the plants.

Upcycle unused materials into furniture

You don’t have to buy expensive furniture to make your home look nice. You can repurpose stuff like pallets, drums, and old pieces of wood to create chairs, tables, or couches. You can use other unused items around your home as well. 

Upcycling hits two birds with one stone: you can make additional furniture without spending a dollar, and you also reduce clutter lying around your house.

DIY decorations

Still, have a lot of unused stuff at home? Get creative and give them a new purpose. 

Do you love flowers? You could use an old wine bottle as a vase. Want to give your doors a new look? Try putting wallpaper on them. And make use of those extra pieces of wood too: you can turn them into bookstands, chopping boards, or even candle holders. Make sure to sand and varnish them beforehand to get rid of those rough surfaces.

See? You can create a better home all by yourself. If you need the tools and materials, contact us at Westall Timber and you’ll find what you need.